Carbon Bike Fork

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  • FF110M 27.5/29 er Carbon MTB Fork


    Discover unparalleled performance with the FF110M 27.5/29er Carbon MTB Fork by Falcarbonbike, the ultimate choice for serious mountain bikers seeking superior quality and reliability. Crafted from top-grade Carbon T800, this fork ensures exceptional strength and lightweight performance, weighing a mere 566±50 grams (ThruAxle) with an additional 45±5 grams for the shoulder cap. The FF110M features…

At Falcarbonbike, we craft our Carbon bike forks from premium T800 Carbon, providing unmatched strength and lightweight performance. Our advanced design ensures superior handling and stability, making our Carbon bike forks ideal for serious mountain bikers and competitive cyclists. Perfect for those seeking high durability and enhanced ride quality across various terrains, our forks are designed to elevate your biking experience.


What is a carbon bike fork?

A carbon bike fork is a crucial component positioned at the front of a bicycle. It serves multiple functions, including supporting the front wheel, absorbing road vibrations, and significantly improving overall handling and comfort during rides.