Carbon Bike Handlebars

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  • FH1100RF (7)

    FH1100RF Full Internal Routing Carbon Road Bike Handlebar


    The FH1100RF Full Internal Routing Carbon Road Bike Handlebar by Falcarbon is specifically designed for performance and precision. The FH1100RF Road Bike handlebar is crafted from full carbon fiber, offering exceptional strength and lightweight performance. Its primary matte black finish provides a sleek and modern appearance. Riding with the FH1100RF model handlebar by Falcarbon ensures…

  • FH40M (3)

    FH40M Integrated MTB Handlebar


    Upgrade your mountain biking experience with the FH40M Integrated MTB Handlebar from Falcarbonbike. This mountain bike handlebar, designed by the Falcarbonbike brand, is made from high-quality Toray Carbon T800. ensuring exceptional strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight profile. The FH40M Integrated MTB Handlebar features a sleek black gloss finish and is specifically designed for…

Falcarbonbike Carbon Bike Handlebars offer exceptional performance and durability. and comfort for both mountain and road biking enthusiasts. Made from high-quality carbon fiber, these handlebars are lightweight yet incredibly strong, featuring enhanced shock absorption and an ergonomic design for a secure grip. Whether you need Mountain Bike Handlebars for rugged trails or Road Bike Handlebars for smooth rides. Falcarbonbike provides a variety of options to suit your riding preferences. ensuring a superior cycling experience with our Mountain Bike Handlebars and Road Bike Handlebars.


1. What are Carbon Bike Handlebars?

Carbon Bike Handlebars are handlebars made from carbon fiber. a composite material known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. These handlebars are usually used on high-performance bicycles, they are lightweight, and shock-absorbing. and very strong and rigid, so they are more expensive than ordinary handlebars. and must be careful installation and patient maintenance.

2. Do carbon handlebars make a difference?

Carbon Bike Handlebars greatly help riders because of the material issue. Reduced hand and arm fatigue. And it weighs less.

3. Who makes the best carbon handlebars?

Falcarbon produces the best custom Carbon Bike Handlebars.

Choose our Falcarbon custom Carbon Bike Handlebars to make a difference in your enthusiasm for quality, innovation, and sport. Falcarbon aspires to bring speed and precision to every rider. Carbon fiber is lightweight but extremely strong and is the basis of our high-quality products. We take the highest quality carbon materials sourced and combine them with cutting-edge design techniques to create components that are truly ahead of their time.

4. How often should you replace carbon handlebars?

If you take good care of your bike, rarely crash and fall, and do not mess with accessories. Carbon Bike Handlebars can be used for at least five years or indefinitely. The frequency of replacement mainly depends on the rider, for the lover of bicycles will use a little longer. of course, ultimately depending on the individual.

5. What are the benefits of carbon fiber handlebars?

One of the most obvious advantages of Carbon Bike Handlebars is it’s lightweight. Carbon Bike Handlebars are as strong as aluminum handlebars, but much lighter. The handlebars have high strength and strong rigidity, which can effectively send the strength of the rider. With shock-absorbing properties, more comfortable riding, and high plasticity, designed for aerodynamic and ergonomic shape. Modern appearance, not easy to corrode, durable to withstand shock and pressure. But the only thing to understand is that Carbon Bike Handlebars need to be properly installed and maintained to protect their performance and life for a longer period.

6. Carbon Or Aluminum Handlebars: What Is BEST?

One of the most obvious advantages of Carbon Bike Handlebars is it’s lightweight. effective shock absorption, and excellent air motion mechanics and customization. Aluminum handlebars are more affordable, durable, and easy to maintain and repair. but are heavier and less shock-absorbing than carbon fiber. If your budget is limited, then aluminum handlebars may be the choice for you. If you’re a keen cyclist and want a quality handlebar for your car, Carbon Bike Handlebars is your only option. It is only slightly higher in price, and its practicality and performance are better than aluminum alloy handlebars.

7. Do we offer installation services?

No. We do not offer installation services now. But, we provide detailed instructions and videos for many of our products to help you with the installation process.

8. Is it worth upgrading to carbon handlebars?

Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Handlebars are five times stronger than steel. The stiffness is twice that of steel. This way, instead of wasting force on arms and arms, you can transfer it directly through the pedals during the ride. So when it comes to efficiency, it’s the perfect choice for cyclists.