Carbon Mountain Bike Fork

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  • FF110M 27.5/29 er Carbon MTB Fork


    Discover unparalleled performance with the FF110M 27.5/29er Carbon MTB Fork by Falcarbonbike, the ultimate choice for serious mountain bikers seeking superior quality and reliability. Crafted from top-grade Carbon T800, this fork ensures exceptional strength and lightweight performance, weighing a mere 566±50 grams (ThruAxle) with an additional 45±5 grams for the shoulder cap. The FF110M features…

Falcarbonbike’s mountain bike forks are made from carbon fiber, with a tensile strength 60% higher than standard materials. The lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy in the carbon mountain bike fork effectively enhance the mountain bike’s speed. This mt bike fork is designed for easy installation, using the popular A-pillar disc brake mount, which provides more direct and stable force compared to the B-pillar! It is very safe and comfortable to use, suitable for light off-road levels. It is the ideal choice for mountain bike enthusiasts pursuing performance and reliable quality.


What are carbon mountain bike forks?

Carbon mountain bike forks are made from carbon fiber. These lightweight mountain bike forks offer high strength and stiffness, making them suitable for lightweight off-road mountain biking.

What are the benefits of carbon mountain bike forks?

Carbon mountain bike forks are significantly lighter than those made from materials like aluminum or steel while offering higher strength and stiffness. This makes the bike more responsive, particularly when climbing and accelerating, and can effectively reduce rider fatigue. Additionally, carbon mountain bike forks absorb vibrations better than metal ones, providing a smoother riding experience. Their sleek, modern appearance also adds to the bike’s aesthetic appeal.

Are carbon mountain bike forks safe?

Carbon fiber mountain bike forks are safe and can withstand the loads and pressures of normal riding conditions.

Are carbon mountain bike forks good for MTB?

Carbon mountain bike forks are an excellent choice for riders focused on light off-road riding. These forks are lighter and more flexible than metal bike forks, effectively reducing vibrations and alleviating fatigue during long rides. However, if you need to tackle more rugged and extreme mountain terrain, bike forks made from aluminum or steel might be more suitable.

How do I pick a carbon mountain bike fork?

When selecting a carbon mountain bike fork, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your wheel size and riding style. Detailed product information is available for all our products; we recommend reviewing it carefully before making a purchase.

How do you install carbon mountain bike forks?

Please refer to the installation instructions on our product page. If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to contact our customer service.