The customer service terms (hereinafter referred to as “these terms”) refer to all relevant agreements and terms that involve a company or enterprise providing services (already defined as “services”). This clause aims to make customers aware of their rights and obligations in this company or enterprise, so that when customers purchase and use the service, they can correctly understand the terms and conditions related to this service.
Firstly, this clause stipulates that customers must meet the basic standards for purchasing and using services provided by the designated company or enterprise, and the company or enterprise may modify these basic standards to update or improve the service content and rules.
Secondly, this clause also stipulates that the company or enterprise has the right to make any changes to the services provided by the customer to meet the customer’s service requirements, without the need to obtain the customer’s consent in advance, unless there are clear contractual agreements or relevant legal provisions.
In addition, this clause stipulates that customers shall comply with this clause at all times when purchasing and using the service, and comply with the service rules established by the company or enterprise. This means that customers must be responsible for fulfilling all their responsibilities for the service when using the service. And if the customer violates any terms or regulations related to customer service, the company or enterprise has the right to immediately terminate the service and make corresponding claims for any results or losses.
In addition, customers can adjust the additional requirements of the service when purchasing and using it according to their needs, in order to achieve more effective purchasing and using of the service. However, customers must be responsible for any modifications to the service and any disputes that may arise, and have the right to request necessary technical support and services from companies or enterprises.
Finally, this provision supplements that during the after-sales service period, the customer is responsible for fulfilling all obligations of the after-sales service contract signed with the company or enterprise. The company or enterprise requires the customer to provide corresponding materials and services to help the company or enterprise detect the service status and improve the service.